Sep 10

Write Up!

Posted By Russell
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Amid the chaos and frustration of 2.1 the latest issue of Computer Music was released to news stands. This specific issue is a special dedicated mostly to music apps across different mobile platforms. We were fortunate enough to be included in their showcase and the whole issue is pretty cool in general. Definitely try to get your hands on a copy. There are also some cool editorials on choosing headphones and a feature on different accessories for the iPad musician.

  1. Great to see your app get a write up, with a very good score too !

    Any chance that in a later release you might be able to accept the iTunes bpm property as the correct bpm per track?

    I’ve just gone through my iTunes library and stuck the bpm in, only to find that I’ll need to re-enter on dragging these into Rex.

  2. …or even better…get the waveform builder to have a go at setting the bpm of the tracks…like the beaTunes or similar software.

    I’m just wondering how long it will take me to tap-tempo the bpm for all my tracks, and whether this will be accurate!

    …maybe even provide the ability to type in the bpm of the tracks would be a compromise?

  3. Hey! Sonorasaurus Rex is one of the best apps I ever had on my Ipad! You did a brilliant job! I just wrote apple to give you the source to get direct access to the itunes libary, i hope many users will do that too! But please can you create some more crossfader settings in a further update? There are already some good presets but none that works perfect for me!

    So booth thumps up for your mixing revolution, go on like that!!!

    +Greetz & Beatz from germany!

  4. Hey Schallkraft,

    Glad you’re happy with the app! It’s always nice to hear feedback.
    Was there a particular crossfader method you had in mind?


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