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Tiring Restrictions

Posted By Russell
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Recently the volume of emails and support requests has increased and the majority of them are asking the same questions:

Why can’t I use the music from the iPod section? Why do I have to add files and maintain a separate library for Sonorasaurus?

The answer to this is basically that Apple does now want you to be able to use your iPod library. Applications like Sonorasaurus, and many other music apps, are restricted from using the songs in the iPod library.

We have done everything we can in terms of compromises by including iTunes File sharing and an HTTP Server, but until Apple lifts the iPod library restriction we are not able to give you the most convenient option possible.

Why the restriction is in place continues to baffle us. We have sat and tried to think of pros and cons to give the issue a sense of purpose and balance, but so far nothing seems to go in the CONS column.

Some of the pros are quite obvious:

• The music files are yours and you want to use them as you see fit. The iPod in itself is a way for people to conveniently access their music, so the restriction is a contradiction of terms.

• When people are not able to use their iPod and iTunes library people (especially the DJs) will end up getting music from other sources like Beatport and Juno Download because they can not rely on iTunes and the iPhone / iPad working seamlessly as an option for them to build sets for Sonorasaurus. This must be affecting Apple’s music sales to a degree.

• Most DJs get requests while playing. Being able to access the iPod library directly means they will have an easier time fulfilling these requests because they have the iTunes Store on the go. Again affecting Apple’s music sales.

• This type of access already exists for many programs, like Serato, on the desktop. So a case for applications like ours being problematic for the iPod library and iTunes is unfounded.

If this issue is something that is bothering you or affecting your use of the device and app in a negative way we feel the best solution is to tell Apple directly. The request is really quite simple. You want to use your music files in the ways you desire and access restrictions are unnecessary.

Apple iPad Feedback: link

Apple iPhone Feedback: link

Apple iPod Touch Feedback: link

And it should go without saying that as soon as the restriction is lifted we will give direct iPod access in an update. Until then we have to be patient and make do with options like iTunes File Sharing and HTTP Server access.

  1. Hey, this is completely unrelated to this post, but I have discovered that your app crashes when the library is too full. I have roughly 4000 songs that I transferred over only to find that I could not use them. An update to fix how your library reads the files would be nice.

    • Hi Philip,

      Does this crash happen when you select pre-processing?
      If so the issue has been addressed in the forthcoming patch 2.1.1.

  2. According to createdigitalmusic.com, apple are lifting these restrictions, albeit in a convoluted manner. Worth checking out this article by Peter Kirn;http://createdigitalmusic.com/2010/07/08/apple-opens-access-to-itunes-library-on-ios-dj-apps-to-follow-flare-ships-first/#more-12057 for more detail.
    Hopefully this means with iOS4 you will be able to access iTunes content from within the app.

  3. Hi there,

    Does the new iOs4.1 solve any of this? The latest post on createdigitalmusic.com suggests that it might.


    Hope this answers some of your questions in this area, and hopefully it means an end to storing the same audio files multiple times across different apps!

  4. You’re correct, iOS4 for iPhone lifts some of these restrictions. We’re still waiting for the iPad OS update, and we can’t be 100% sure that these same conditions apply to the iPad. We’re very hopeful however!

  5. The Cockroach of Del Monte September 13, 2010

    Awesome news about the restriction lifting. Once I can access my iPad iPod music (WHY did they call the application that?) SR is a sure buy. Eagerly awaiting iPad iOS update.

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