Designed by and made for real deejays, Sonorasaurus is a serious mobile DJ offering that meets the demands of professional and casual deejays alike. Sonorasaurus sports two independent decks, each with their own dedicated effects module, cue points, jog, pitch controls, level meter, parametric EQ and gain adjustment.


Because Sonorasaurus contains everything you need, it lets you carry your turntables, mixer and music library all on one device, without either the cost and bulk of professional hardware equipment.


Sonorasaurus features a simple and clearly organized interface. By being able to see everything at once you can focus on your mix without having to fuss with hidden knobs or panels.


Sonorasaurus gives you options for mixing however you like wether in Visual Mode or by using Split Mode with a Y adapter.


Regardless of your skill level as a deejay, pro or amateur, its great to have a deejay solution right in your palms. After all, Sonorasaurus is a lot lighter than most equipment and costs hundreds of dollars less.

Is the radio not entertaining enough for your guests? Create the perfect soundtrack at the your next house party!

Flying to a gig? Practice your mix in your headphones before you are even at the venue!

Want to make travel seem shorter? Entertain your friends with your favorite mix of songs on your road trips!

Equipment malfunction right at the worst possible time? Keep Sonorasaurus around as a handy backup performance solution!


Sonorasaurus Rex comes with featured songs from artists like Jackpot, Lake Heartbeat, Melee Beats and The Embassy, so you can start mixing as soon as you install the app!