What is Sonorasaurus?
Sonorasaurus Rex is a complete deejay setup for the iPad. Sonorasaurus includes two independently controllable decks and a mixer with built in effects. Additionally Sonorasaurus Rex has an interactive waveform display and in-app recording.

What’s with the name Sonorasaurus?
We love dinosaurs. In addition to the Sonorasaurus being a large dinosaur it is also a play on words in that it references the ‘sonorous’, which means to produce a full or loud sound. In saying that we hope to help deejays make a musical impact with the Sonorasaurus applications.

What audio formats does Sonorasaurus support?
MP3 (128 – 320 CBR or VBR), AAC or WAV

How do I upload songs to Sonorasaurus ?
Sonorasaurus has an HTTP Server option in the settings as means to get tracks into your library. The following outlines how it works:
1. Make sure your iPhone and computer with the songs you want to add are on the same WIFI network.
2. When you are in Sonorasaurus click the ‘Settings’ button to access the HTTP Server.
3. Turn the HTTP Server ON and you will be given a unique address.
4. On your computer, type the unique address into a browser like Safari or Firefox.
5. A file upload screen will load in your browser window.
6. Use this interface to upload your tracks to the Sonorasaurus Rex User Library.

What is the Featured section in the library?
The featured section contains songs we think you will enjoy, and also allows for you to immediately try out Sonorasaurus before you have a chance to upload your own tracks. Some people have asked if they can delete these songs. The answer is no. The way they appear now is a compromise so that we can deliver the app with music included to enable users to immediately try out Sonorasaurus’ features. Any other method of inclusion and potential removal could be seen as a way to circumvent the iTunes store in delivering music to users. We understand that after people have set up their own libraries they will only want to see their tracks so in the future we may include a hiding option with an update.

How do I use Split Mode?
For Split Mode you will need to have a few additional cables for connecting to your headphones and sound system or mixer. A more detailed explanation can be found in the tutorials section here.