Aug 31

Sonorasaurus Rex Update 2.1

Posted By Russell
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We have submitted Sonorasaurus Rex 2.1 to Apple! In addition to bug fixes, this major update brings in some new features that people have been asking for.

Here is a run down of what is coming with this next update:

• New Deck Split Mode for mixing externally.
• In-app mix recording in wav format.
• Resolved the Split Mode audio bug
• Resolved an issue where cue points were not saving properly.
• Adjustments to the EQs.
• Minor UI tweaks for improved usability.
• The ability to adjust the Jog Pad to 20, 50, 80 or 100 percent sensitivity.
• The ability to turn the Beat Blob on or off.
• Increased performance optimization for CBR MP3s.

For version 2.2 we’re looking into other user requests such as the effect pad, adjustable pitch range and dedicated cue buttons. We will cover more in a future post. Thanks again for everyone who has been in touch giving their time and thoughts! We will let you know when 2.1 hits the App Store – hopefully within the next week.

  1. Awesome. Can’t wait to start using it.

  2. Hi! I upgraded my Sonorasaurus on my iPad and now it doesn’t work.. When I start it it appears the sonorasaurus logo and then the app shuts down…
    Any solurtion?

  3. Nice update….once I got it working! The advice of uninstalling and reinstalling seemed to work.

    I’ve just noticed that the play button is much more responsive now and fires on touch, rather than touch-off if that makes any sense? I was just getting used to pushing the play button and holding until I want the track to start and then quickly taking my finger off. The in-app recording feature will no doubt prove very useful.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Great update guys. Thanks for listening to the user suggestions and implementing them.

    I’m still voting for a double tap to kill / double tap to restore to previous setting. I’d also still like to have the jog pad nudge the mp3 by touching one end of it instead of having to swipe. Even at the 20% setting (which is much better than before), you can still hear some pitch change when using the jog pad. Riding the pitch control is fine on real decks, but it’s sensitive on the ipad and much more difficult.

    Editing tag information would be nice. Song ratings would be nice too. You could rate the songs inside the app and then you could use that to search by also (“top rated songs”) etc…

    Maybe use tags to sort music also? So you could have descriptive tags and keep music in different playlists based on tags?

    Anyhow, keep up the good work … it’s looking solid.

  5. solid update, although a couple things still remain… can you guys get the app to read tags correctly? i use Mixed in Key to keep all my songs harmonically organized, and for some reason your app doesn’t read the “title” tag correctly, so I can’t find all my Mixed in Key “Keyed” songs.

    also, a better progress bar for wave form identification would be great (percentages for example), and the ability to let the app build waveforms in the background would be cool too (at a slower rate would be fine). Might be a good idea to break out the waveform builder feature into it’s own section, and allow the user to queue which waveforms to build?

    i agree with the poster above about adjusting the jog pad slip area–make it touch or tap sensitive instead of dragging.

    great work otherwise, please keep going!

  6. Hi,

    Can’t get enough of this app but please don’t remove the drag area on the jogpad

    This is the only app I’ve used which has this feature and it’s the nearest thing and it feels so similar to pushing and dragging the platter on a 1210

    You don’t have to be careful about exactly where you touch the pad, flick it forward and the slower track catches up

    Sweet !

    Half the fun of mixing on vinyl was that you could do it without staring at the gear to find a button b4 you touched anything, flicking the jog pad is genius and it’s unique to sonorasaurus

    If you HAVE to add buttons at least put them either side or give the option to choose buttons or Flick !

    • Yes this is so tricky. We want to keep it because personally it works for us, but many people have asked for it to be revised in some way. I hope we can come up with something that makes everyone happy!

  7. Please, I hope you can soon add beatmatching and the ability to loop. that would be so fkn awesome. Otherwise great app for selectors.

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