Sep 20

Sonorasaurus Rex Update 2.1.1

Posted By Russell
Filed in: iPad, Sonorasaurus

After the buggy weirdness of 2.1’s updating process we sent another version over to Apple, 2.1.1, to resolve the launch issue. This is now available in the App Store.

Now everyone can try out 2.1 properly and start recording their mixes right in Sonorasaurus Rex. If anyone has made or posted a mix please share it with us here. We would love to check them out!

  1. How can I use my iTunes files in sonorasaurus

    • ITunes / iPod library access will be made available in update 2.2. This feature was dependent on OS4.2. With the OS update due in a few weeks we can make this available. We have already finished the work on it and submitted the update to Apple so hopefully Sonorasaurus Rex 2.2 with iPod access will be available the same day.

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