Nov 4

Sonorasaurus Rex & iPod Library Access

Posted By Russell
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Just a quick announcement, and one we are very happy to make. We have finished and submitted update 2.2 for Sonorasaurus Rex and hopefully it will be available the same day OS4.2 is available for the iPad.

This update takes care of one of the biggest requests we have had to date. iPod library access. The changes to the iPad operating system in 4.2 make this feature possible. Of course there are other revisions, additions and requests to do in our library but they will have to be in a subsequent update. It was our goal with 2.2 to make sure that everyone had iPod access as soon as 4.2 was made available and did not want the development time on other features to push that back. However we did have time to deal with one specific bug. One that affected the playlists and adding songs from search results. For some users they would search and  add songs from the results but the wrong songs were appearing in the playlist (not the one they had dragged in).

And since we are on the subject of libraries, let us know what else you think the Sonorasaurus Rex library could use. With 2.2 and iPod access out of the way we need to firm up our list of library changes to make next time around.

  1. Great news, but are you working on an update for Sonorasaurus for the iPod and iPhone too with this feature, retina display and such. Waiting for an update or have you stopped developing the normal sonorasaurus?

  2. congratulations! I know that you guys have been chasing this down ever since the app was launched…good work though, and thanks again for all your efforts.

    Looking forward to the new version.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks! I cant tell you how nice it felt the first time I loaded up a song direct from the iPod library in Rex.

  3. Just a quick thought, if you’re accessing the iPod library…will you be able to read the bpm tag from the library as well? I’ve just run my library through a process which detects and updates the ID3 tag for bpm…this shows up nicely when viewing the tracks in iTunes….so I guess it would be useful for this info to be carried across into the app view of those tracks….it would save me a lot of tapping to get the track’s bpm!

    • We’ve been having some problems reading the BPM tag and believe it’s a bug in the iOS frameworks. So the 2.2 update unfortunately won’t be able to read these tags from the iPod files, but it’s one of the top priority items for us right now. We’ll keep you posted on this blog.

  4. Good work guys. It’s nice that Apple finally let you into the iPod library. The next great thing you could add to Rex would be the iPod playlists. The can be readonly, but having them there would sure save a lot of time having to recrate them manually.

    • Thanks! We may also already be approved as of last night, but we will know for sure in a few days. And your request is definitely on our list for future developments.

  5. Hey guys, any update on the 2.2 release? I know iOS 4.2 only came out today, but I know a lot of 4.2 updates have been hitting the App Store in the past week or so. Can’t wait!!

  6. Visibility of track duration would be immensely helpful…I ran into this problem last weekend when playing with Serato at a friend’s house…chose a track which was only 1minute long….barely enough to think about what track I should line up next! I guess duration maybe held in an ID3 tag in a similar way to BPM…

    Having just loaded up a whole bunch of tracks into iPod library, taken a note of iPad memory usage and then ran the Rex batch processing on the whole lot…I found that the amount of memory taken up by those files seems to have doubled as a result of the batch process….leading me to believe that the tracks are copied into Rex somewhere, so duplicated on theiPad storage. Is this right or am I mistaken?

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