Nov 22

Sonorasaurus Rex 2.2 Now Available!

Posted By Russell
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Sonorasaurus Rex 2.2 is now available. This means that direct iPod library access is now available! Check it out. We are glad that this highly requested feature is now available in Rex thanks to the release of OS4.2. Now we can move down the list to some other items. More on those soon!

Update: We forgot to mention that this also includes a fix for the playlist track adding issue that people were encountering during active searches.

  1. just a quick question about the iPod library access….when I load a track in Rex using the iPod library, does this mean the file gets copied into a different location on the iPad or does it remain in situe? I remember this being an issue with other apps which approached iPod library access.

  2. Hi, thanks for 2.2, looking good. Re future enhancements, is there a way that tracks could grey out when played (for the duration the app is open)? This would be particularly useful for playlists so that you could easily tell what you have already played.

    • We have begun looking into this behavior for showing the activity of tracks used in the library. We will say more in a future post when it is safe for us to announce some other updates.

  3. It is really great you accomplished your goal of library access. However, I am far more concerned with the following issues from version 2.1:

    1. Playlists seem to randomly reorder themselves (new bug in 2.1).

    2. Not all BPMs get displayed properly in the tracklist (new bug in 2.1).

    3. Record immediately crashes the app. Basically the record button is a “crash this app now button” (new “feature” in 2.1).

    Again, it is great you are adding what people want. But please work on stability!

    • Yes we have come across a few people who have had similar issues. Some are pretty consistent and are easy to replicate, while others seem to affected only a handful of people. The BPM bug has to do with a tagging issue with the music files and incorporating iPod access has complicated it further. We are working on it however and will have better handling for BPMs in general in the near future. As for the record bug we have had a very difficult time to narrow down why its affecting the people it is. For one we are not able to re-create the issue at the studio in the same manner its affecting people, but irregardless of that we are going through Rex and finding ways to optimize it further and hopefully resolve the issue for these users who get the crash.

      • Like most Dj apps, this thing would rock if it had a BPM auto sync feature. I understand that some DJs get all hissy over that feature, but really I have been DJing for over a decade and i don’t need some new jack purest trying to tell me that I can’t beat match. I just find that when I spend less time beatmatching it gives me more time working on mixing, EQing and working diffent effects to create a better sounding mix.

        Auto BPM sync and this one wins hands down. I love the Emulator like interface as well.

  4. Hi Russel

    I’ve bought around 10 dj’ing apps (touch dj, cue play, etc) but this my fave
    The GUI is so well laid out and everything I need is there on the front screen

    The only issue I’ve had is that there seems to be a lot of fluctuation in the
    sound levels ( Sounds like a compressor ) and no matter how low I push the
    faders the I cannot get rid of the pumping effect.

    Is there a way to switch this off or bypass the compressor as I can’t use the app
    For serious work until The volume stays constant

    Any help would be much appreciated


  5. Hi,
    I’m slightly confused in regards to the BPM saving. Once I detect a BPM, the value does not get stored with the track, and it seems absurd to assume that I would have to detect the BPM every time I load the same track; especially considering there is no auto BPM detector.

    All my tracks come from the iPod library if it makes a difference.


    • The BPM was designed to save after being detected / set the first time. Alex, you are right to say that it is absurd to have to detect it every time. In bringing in iPod library support and connectivity some very odd glitches have occurred with the way the BPMs are handled, stored and displayed. We are looking into a fix for this bug now and will have more info soon.

  6. Hej mina svenska vänner!
    Greetz from Portland, OR!

    I been loving REX, using it at lots of club gigs, doing smooth flowing Skweee / RnB / Hiphop fusion sets.

    It has taken quite a bit of getting used to all the current idiosyncrasies being imposed by the BPM bugs.

    Also, I am really wanting to suggest here. The batch waveform process seems to crash. I have never gotten through a batch process :'(
    Instead I click to process each track, individually, and this takes some great time. You can get the feel now, that I am dedicated!
    What would be so much better, is the possibility to use my MacBook Pro to process, before I transfer songs to my User Directory. But if nothing else, improving the iPad routines to make the internal processing more efficient and faster. Maybe, including BPM detection and tagging.

    As it is now, I use a BMP detection software, that auto tags the ID3 portion of the MP3. But, this is not recognized. :'(

    You are doing great work. Keep it up, bring on the updates, and us fly DJ’s will use your great app to bring it on the scene. everyone prospers!

    låt dem aldrig få ner dig

    So am wondering

  7. I agree with The486KID. Processing on a computer would make lots more sense. Also being able to read the BPM from the tag is a great feature that I would like.

    In terms of the interface – I think that the BPM set and tap areas of the app take up too much space and could easily be replaced by a cool looping feature or something. The beats would only need to be set once anyway (hopefully).

  8. Great app, great updates! Few suggestions….

    How about a way to store what tracks you have “played next” before in the crate or a way to associate tracks that go well together?

    One more dream update would be for the crate information to be stored on the cloud somewhere so at least the track names were associated with specific “crates” online in case of a crash without a good backup. After organizing tracks for months it was disheartening to have a crash and find my back up was corrupted.

    Still would like to see toggle or double tap functionality on the EQ settings as requested last summer….

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