Fans of action puzzles and fast paced strategy games will love Sea Rascals!

Dive into the fast paced world of Sea Rascals, where you are tasked with keeping the oceans clear of aquatic trouble makers! You must not let them overcrowd the ocean! Squish them by tapping on a group of three or more Rascals of the same variety.

And if the Rascals were not enough you also have to deal with marine debris. Get rid of it by grouping Rascals in a strategic manner. Set off massive chain reactions to destroy the debris and earn bonus points!

As difficulty increases, new sea creatures will join in the commotion, and debris will become harder to get rid of. Each marked with a number noting the number of combos required to eliminate that particular debris.

Players can also unlock Coral Mode, which is an even more challenging experience. Coral grows up from the bottom and players are awarded bombs based on the size of the chain combos they perform. The bombs vary in strength and must be quickly placed on the coral to blow it away.

How long can you survive?