What is Sea Rascals?

Sea Rascals is a puzzle game that centers around matching a minimum of three rascals and setting up chain reaction combos to earn big points and keep your screen clear. You need to keep the Rascals from completely filling up your screen to avoid the dreaded Game Over screen.

How do I play Sea Rascals?

The following are the basics for playing Sea Rascals. Everyone will develop a strategy that suits them best. Try out a few methods of play using arrangements and combos that gets you the big scores. Practice makes perfect!

Swapping – You can swap the places of any Rascal on screen with another. Simply drag one rascal across the screen to the place of another.

Popping – To clear Rascals you need a group of at least three. They need to be next to each other horizontally or vertically to be part of a group. Once you have them grouped tap one from the group to clear them.

Setting Up Combos – Arrange groups of Rascals on screen to┬ácause strategic combos when popped

Debris – Debris will occasionally appear on screen. These objects are much trickier to remove. You will need to cause a chain reaction combo equal to the number that appears on the debris to destroy it. Also the higher the stage level you are on the higher the number will be on the debris that appears.