Sep 8

Rex 2.1 is now available

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Apple has just approved Sonorasaurus Rex 2.1 for the iPad. You can grab it here, and existing users should now see it in their Updates window. Check it out!

Update: Some people have written in saying they have had issues with the update. There appears to be a bug within the updating process itself. Also others have encountered issues with the waveform pre-processing.

For those who have updated and are having problems we recommend trying the following:

1. Restart the iPad (long press on the Lock button)
2. If the above does not work, remove the app by long-pressing on the app, then tapping the ‘x’ button.
3. Reinstall the version 2.1 app.

We have submitted a bug fix to Apple in the form of version 2.1.1 and it should be available within a week. You may want to skip 2.1 update altogether and wait for that update if you already have Sonorasaurus Rex 2.0. So far these issues have not affected any of the new users we have spoken to.

  1. I just installed the update for the iPad and it won’t take me to the mixer. I return to the home screen. Is there any way to resolve this. I love your app and will miss it very much.

    • Hey we are looking into the issue now. A few people have written in describing your same issue. There is a strong possibility that there is a bug in the updating process itself. This is something that has cropped up here and there from the very beginning of the App Store. And in this case it could either be the App Store update process or our App. However installing it from scratch results in a working application. We are going to see if there is anything we can do on our end.

      For now this is what we recommend to troubleshoot the issue if you have it:

      1. Restart the iPad (long press on the Lock button)

      2. If the above does not work, remove the app by long-pressing on the app, then tapping the ‘x’ button.

      3. Reinstall the version 2.1 app.

  2. Also we should note that if you have purchased the app you will not be charged again if you end up having to re-install it. You will still need to use the buy link, but a message will pop up afterward telling you the app is free.

  3. hi, we corresponded earlier when I just bought the app @ v2.0. Happy to find that 2.1 was up at the app store, but as a few users noted.. It crash out. I have to re-install, meaning I lose all the setlists. I noted one bug. Selecting Pre-Processing crashes the app (!). It took me a while to find out that I can still create the wave forms by tapping the songs individually.. Less than ideal, as I’d have to baby sit the entire process, but it gets the job done.. My concern with seeing these bugs is the app may crash during my coming live gig. Having second thoughts.. Any solutions? Since I can’t roll back to 2.0.

    • Hi Cedric,

      We have not had any other reports with the pre-processing selection crashing. If there are any other details you can give us, it will help us identify the problem. There are indeed some issues with updating but as you’ve noted reinstalling the app should do it. Less than ideal solution of course, we’re really sorry. We’re still trying to identify the cause of this update crash. We’ll keep everyone updated.

      • Hi everybody – I’ve got exactly the same problem as Cedric – “Pre-processing” crashes the App.

        This starts to be very annoying – I really wish I had never updated the App – it worked perfectly and flawless before.

        * I updated – the App crashed
        * Deinstalled, Re-Installed – App works, but all Playlists, Audiofiles, Waveforms, EVERYTHING are gone; Thank God I made at least a backup of my Audiofiles before.
        * Uploaded all my Audiofiles again
        * Have to create my Playlists again
        * Manually move all of my 500 MP3s back to the Playlist Folders
        * Manually do 500 Waveforms???

        No way.

        It’s really a pity, that just ONE TAP on the “Update”-Button ruined my day. Something I didn’t expect – especially in the Apple App-Store.

        Very sad.

      • We’ve fixed the pre-processing selection crash issue. We’ll post an update very soon!

  4. Hi, I had problems with the update process, so I followed your guide.
    Restarting the iPad didn’t work.
    I redownloaded the app and reinstalled.
    Now I can use it but I can’t record anything, if I press the rec button the app crashes immediately.
    I hope you can fix that, it is the best dj app at the moment. Thanks.

    • We have given 2.1.1 to Apple to review. This should resolve all the issues that people have been facing since 2.1.

  5. Hi, I might have accidentally solved the “Pre-Processing” bug. I’m not sure if it can be reproduced, but it’s worth a try for those waiting for 2.1.1 to get online.

    The short answer is as suggested, just to restart iPad (long-hold Sleep button and slide the red button, then restart by holding the Sleep button again).

    Here’s the long-winded “sequence of events”:

    1. Updated to 2.1.
    2. Launching app doesn’t work.
    3. Delete app (long-hold app icon and press the X icon).
    4. Reinstall 2.1.
    5. Select Pre-Processing > Crashed.
    6. Manually covert some songs.
    7. Select Pre-Processing again > Crashed.
    8. Long-hold Sleep button > slide red button to shut down.
    9. Restart iPad.
    10. Pre-Processing works.

    p.s. Since then, I have no crash, including Record function.

  6. Hi Guys,

    It’s great that your developing this as fast as you are, but I’m not (yet) an iPad guy and I want to know when you’ll be updating the iPhone version? just to use the beat light etc would make it much more useful as a plan B device and I prefer the interface to the rest that’s out there.




  7. Having same issue, updated and crashes straight away. If I reinstall the app does this mean I’ll have to upload all my songs again? If your answer is yes then this is a totally unacceptable solution. I do not now have access to a pc so this is not an option for me at least for a very long time. I’ll also have to manually bpm detect all the songs again!

    Please tell ke by reinstalling the app will not delete all my audio files?

    • Hi Kevbab,

      Reinstalling definitely fixes the problem. But if you don’t want to retransfer all the songs (understandably) you might want to try upgrading to the just released 2.1.1 and see if it fixes the problem.


  8. Record fuction still doesn’t work in 2.1.1
    Reinstalling or restoring the ipad doesn’t fix it.

  9. Love the app. The audio seems to fade in and out slightly though. Anyone else experience that?

    • @Gabriel. –

      I have same problem, sounds as though there is some limiting or compression / Gain compensation going on.

      The only way I can almost get rid of it is to turn all 6 EQ’s to almost lowest setting but this ruins the sound

      It would be ideal if we could turn off the Compressor or reduce the gain on each channel to prevent clipping before the threshold is reached

      According to the LED’s , each channel jumps from 70% to 30% everytime the limiter kicks in (every second or two on the tunes I play)

      I’d prefer to keep the levels low so the limiter doesn’t hit but you can still hear it with all levels at 10% and gain at zero !

      Has anyone else noticed this and is the a fix?

      • Beb, we will look further into this to see how we can optimize the audio and reduce this type of compression side effect.

        Can you also tell us more on your set up and how you use Rex? Just want to make sure we are aware of all the factors.

  10. Thanks for the reply Russell,

    I’m using Rex with headphones connected directly on an iPad with os 3.2.1
    The compression effect is the same if I plug into a set of 2.1 speakers / sub and
    Same again if I plug into my Car Stereo’s Line In.

    I’ve set the cross fader so there is no dip in the middle ( I think it’s option D)
    In the settings

    I’ve used a couple of different Mixing apps with the same MP3’s and there is no

    Does Rex’s compressor run Pre-fader or Pre-gain ?

    If so could this be fixed by putting the comp Post fader or at the output stage so we can
    reduce the levels going into it ?

    If you need any more info just let me know


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