Oct 8

Hide n Seek

Posted By Sea Rascal
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Oct 7

The High Line

Posted By Russell
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So after over a year of being too busy or rained out or forgetful I have finally been able to visit the High Line park. I had been following the developments of the West Side Line and wether it would be demolished or converted for quite some time. I am definitely happy with what it has become and encourage anyone in the area to check it out.

Here is the High Line running underneath the Standard Hotel. It was later in the afternoon when I went so the evening lights were coming on. I’ll include a few more pictures after the break.

Oct 1


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Sep 30

New Studio Site

Posted By Russell

Welcome to the new Pajamahouse Studios website and web hub. This is going to be the central location for finding out about all our projects and developments. Up until recently we only had two main projects out in the universe, Sea Rascals and Sonorasaurus, but now with some of our new projects going into deeper development cycles we figured it would be a good time to consolidate everything.

So here is a brief explanation of what is happening. All of the info and posts (including your comments) from pajamahousestudios.com, searascals.com and sonorasaurus.com are being collected here. Pajamahouse.com is also a much simpler address than pajamahousestudios.com so we decided we like it better going forward.

Over the next few weeks we will also be adding in more tutorials for Sonorasaurus and Sonorasaurus Rex. And also with a better organized site we can add in a lot of the requested information better and a lot faster.

Feel free to give us your comments on the new site and changes or suggestions for going forward.

Sep 24

Pen Pal

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