Nov 22

Sonorasaurus Rex 2.2 Now Available!

Posted By Russell
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Sonorasaurus Rex 2.2 is now available. This means that direct iPod library access is now available! Check it out. We are glad that this highly requested feature is now available in Rex thanks to the release of OS4.2. Now we can move down the list to some other items. More on those soon!

Update: We forgot to mention that this also includes a fix for the playlist track adding issue that people were encountering during active searches.

Nov 18

A Little Dubstep Mix With Rex

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We just came across this youtube video of someone using Sonorasaurus Rex to mix a few dubstep tunes. Check it out.

Nov 11

Wasteland Waiting Room

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Getting some time in with Fallout: New Vegas while we wait for Sonorasaurus 2.2 to be approved. I’ve got to say no matter how many bugs Fallout has it does not ruin the experience for me. Loving the Mojave Wasteland so far.

Nov 4

Sonorasaurus Rex & iPod Library Access

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Just a quick announcement, and one we are very happy to make. We have finished and submitted update 2.2 for Sonorasaurus Rex and hopefully it will be available the same day OS4.2 is available for the iPad.

This update takes care of one of the biggest requests we have had to date. iPod library access. The changes to the iPad operating system in 4.2 make this feature possible. Of course there are other revisions, additions and requests to do in our library but they will have to be in a subsequent update. It was our goal with 2.2 to make sure that everyone had iPod access as soon as 4.2 was made available and did not want the development time on other features to push that back. However we did have time to deal with one specific bug. One that affected the playlists and adding songs from search results. For some users they would search and  add songs from the results but the wrong songs were appearing in the playlist (not the one they had dragged in).

And since we are on the subject of libraries, let us know what else you think the Sonorasaurus Rex library could use. With 2.2 and iPod access out of the way we need to firm up our list of library changes to make next time around.

Oct 14

Falty DL Live Extravaganza

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I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Falty DL, who is starting a European tour next week. If you are near any of the spots he is playing you should definitely check it out.

Speaking of Falty DL I saw him the other night alongside Loefah, Kode 9, Dave Q and ATG Crew. It was a cool night and everyone played great sets. Check out this mix if you are interested in the type of sound being pumped out that night.