Sep 30

New Studio Site

Posted By Russell

Welcome to the new Pajamahouse Studios website and web hub. This is going to be the central location for finding out about all our projects and developments. Up until recently we only had two main projects out in the universe, Sea Rascals and Sonorasaurus, but now with some of our new projects going into deeper development cycles we figured it would be a good time to consolidate everything.

So here is a brief explanation of what is happening. All of the info and posts (including your comments) from, and are being collected here. is also a much simpler address than so we decided we like it better going forward.

Over the next few weeks we will also be adding in more tutorials for Sonorasaurus and Sonorasaurus Rex. And also with a better organized site we can add in a lot of the requested information better and a lot faster.

Feel free to give us your comments on the new site and changes or suggestions for going forward.

  1. Great new website guys.

    Hopefully there’ll be some more information on the update to Sonorasaurus for the iPhone soon. I’ve been asking in various threads for a while about this, and I’ve not yet had a response. I don’t want to carry an iPad around to DJ, but really prefer the iPhone. If you could just add the beat lights (my idea originally anyway – remember) to the iPhone version that would be a great start as an update.

    If you’re not going to support the iPhone version any longer (perhaps due to piracy concerns – as you stated in your PM to me in the past that’s fine), but I would like to know, so I don’t bug you about it any longer.

    Thanks for a great app, best regards,


    • Thanks Dave! We are definitely happy with the site change too and where we plan to take it.

      And the nudge on Sonorasaurus for the iPhone is definitely appreciated. Its easy to overlook getting updates out on its status. And we are sorry that we still don’t have more concrete things to say on its status now or previously when you have commented.

      You have more or less guessed the reason behind the lack of updates for Sonorasaurus. Piracy hit really hard with that specific app. I mean ridiculously. We have neglected to comment on it because we don’t want to come off as another developer crying out about piracy for attention. Piracy is just an unavoidable reality. We knew it would happen, but just did not expect it to be on the scale we have experienced with Sonorasaurus for the iPhone. I could show numbers and statistics to support it, but I don’t want to bother because its too depressing to look at and won’t change anything.

      Instead we ended up focusing development on Rex for the iPad because at least the circumstances were a little better. And now that we have update 2.2 for Sonorasaurus Rex out of the way Yuki and I are going to take some time to discuss Sonorasaurus for iPhone. Continuing development for it will just be more lost time, effort and resources that we will never see a return on but we hate the idea of completely abandoning the small group that has been supportive, vocal and positive (like yourself).

      At the very least the two main features that we will be debating for the next potential update would be retina display support and iPod access.

      I will have more to say soon on this and will make sure to be more vocal here on iPhone development on a regular basis.

  2. Hi Russell,

    Thanks for the update. You have to stay alive as a business, and it’s a great shame that piracy has been such a problem for you guys with the iPhone “saurus”. I don’t know how many folks out there wander around with iPads all the time, but I’m not one of them. The best thing about your app on iPhone is it’s always with you. The best parties are always spontaneous IMO.

    Given your level of development on the iPad rex version, surely there’s not a large leap in adapting the code for the iPhone? they both run the same op systems. Memory limitations and processor speeds aside, I’d hope you could at least include beat lights and maybe a wave overview in the update…other iPhone apps do this, but the execution and GUI is not up to your level of clarity and ease of use.

    All that said, if you aren’t going to get a return on it, it’s not a good business position to take. Maybe ask the community if there’s any programmers / code crunchers / GUI folks out there that would pitch in? At least then you could keep your resources focussed where you are generating revenue, and keep the first little dinosaur alive :-)

    Again, thanks for your comments and time and I hope for some good news in the future.

    Best regards,


    • No problem. And thats just the reality we face since we are a business with limitations (resources and work force). We need to be extra careful about choosing what we do so we can keep going. As long as we are alive as a studio then we can always squeeze in updates here and there wether at a loss or not. But if we are completely shut down then we cant update ANY of our apps.

      Thats a good point on the portability and amount of users, but also one of the main reasons we have had so many issues with piracy on the platform. Jailbreaks were around already and most people with those devices had to have theirs jailbroken just to work with their carries as a large percentage dont use ATT or want the extra features unlocked. This just makes it all the easier to justify ‘trying apps out’ and then skipping supporting the devs entirely. And given the number of iPhones and IPods available the pirated copy spread all the quicker to the point where it was easier to find info on the pirated copy than the real one (seriously check out those google results).

      Also Sonorasaurus is not exactly an app with mass appeal. It appeals to a niche audience that is more tech savvy than most. And most tech savvy people in this day and age know how to get their media and software for free.

      Sonorasaurus Rex was released in a different climate. A jailbreak was not available yet, and that gave us a better ratio to work with in terms of pirated copies versus purchased copies right off. Also the iPad was a new device and we were there day one. Many people were so eager to try everything out that they were completely ignoring app prices. I had a number of friends show surprise a few days after the launch when they got those iTunes invoices in the mail. Some spent $150 just trying every app out they could. The iPad seemed like a device that had more legitimate ‘software’ and people were more willing to support those prices.

      There are other factors too of course, but in general things just felt different and better once the iPad version went out.

      Yes and thats one aspect in our favor in regards to development and existing code. With the OS on the iDevices now all synced up with 4.2 it should help us to bring features over to the iPhone and vice versa a little easier. Of course there is still the issue of making sure every process is optimized on a device by device basis, but yes the point you bring up is the ‘pro’ category for getting certain features into Sonorasaurus – specifically the iPod access.

      And also you are on the mark again with the waveform and beat highlight statement. We have been hesitant to bring that in because we want things to be very clear to use, in other apps certain features need to be hidden or tabbed in and out and that creates too many opportunities to confuse a user. Especially those less familiar with deejaying and wanting to learn.

      I have definitely spent a fair amount of time doing mock ups for what a revised UI could look like that still shows as much as possible as clearly as possible while also increasing button and input areas. Maybe one day I will dig them up and see what people think here in a post.

      And thats a good suggestion about reaching out to the community to see if anyone would want to lend a hand to keep it going. Maybe if someone out there is reading and interested you could send us a message?

  3. Hi Dave and Russell,

    On the iPhone/iPod Touch Sonorasaurus note:

    It is totally understandable for a small studio as Pajamahouse to focus on one thing, but I had only one update of Sonorasaurus on my iPod since I bought it, almost a year ago.

    The piracy has hit the app, in downloads but also in use? And if you update, maybe the pirated copy’s will not be update automatically? Furthermore, can’t you build in an anti-piracy system like other developers did? Maybe with mail-activation or something like that?

    I like you knowing you shouldn’t abandon the small group that legally bought Sonorasaurus and this makes me hope for some updates in the future. I totally understand little difficult things won’t be implemented in the iPhone/iPod version, but what you said, Retina and iPod support are musts.

    Best regards,

    • Yes we are painfully aware of how few updates there have been to the iPod / iPhone version over the last year. This makes us all the more empathetic of your situation and hope to sort something positive out in your favor soon.

      The problem with anti-piracy systems and the iOS platform is that you are completely cut off from your users. Apple does not allow you to have any direct info on who is using it – especially in the way you would need to authenticate their accounts in some sort of DRM fashion.

      Companies and developers that say they have solutions available really dont. They just offer an extra hurdle for crackers to get past – but in the end their apps get pirated too.

      If Apple allowed for more access to the consumer than better systems could be put in place, but for now its not really possible. I can also see why Apple does not allow this. With the ease of development and release being so low many app makers could easily take advantage of customer access for dubious means.

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