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Future Discussion

Posted By Russell
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Sonorasaurus Rex 2.0 has been out in the wild for a bit now. With iOS4 coming soon to the iPad and our collected feedback on Rex 2.0 from users filed away we are setting out to finalize our next round of updates. Before finalizing our list we wanted to open up the discussion and give you the chance to chime in.

Tell us what you would like to see fixed, added and revised in the future version of Sonorasaurus Rex!

  1. 1) Track preview channeled through Bluetooth A2DP stereo

    2) Background sound playing continuity

    3) Somehow accept external microphone input and mix with output for DJ announcements

    4) More reliable BPM detection (fails badly on Indian contemporary songs)

    5) Auto DJing playlist with cross fading of tracks (upto 20s)

    6) More effects

    7) Faster scratching and resume normal play automatically

    8 ) Zoom and pan capability for better user control

    9) I know this is not your problem, but share library with iTunes instead of using up separate storage space!

    Good luck!

    • @ Anand

      Some quick responses:

      1. We have looked into using bluetooth, but have encountered some limitations in diverting the audio. More than likely related to the restrictions in place that keep us from using the headphone and USB out for different purposes.

      2. Interesting suggestion. So more or less a third track or loop but mainly for atmosphere?

      3. Not a bad suggestion for a mic or talkover, but we may have similar restrictions as with trying to output different types of audio.

      4. Working on improving this in a future update.

      5. This is a popular request so its definitely on the list, but a bit lower down since our immediate focus is more of the user input real time functions first.

      6. What FX would you like to see included or change out?

      7. A tricky area, but we have been experimenting with this.

      8. A good one for the list. Cant say too much immediately since there is still a lot of experimentation left.

      9. Yeah, this would be great. Hopefully we can employ this sometime soon.

  2. Ability to record our compositions.

  3. Love the app! Maybe you could do a custom view, where you could hide some of the control sections, like hide the effects, or tap and bpm, or the waveform. This could be useful for training your ears or freeing up more space for controls (not that that is such an issue on the ipad)

    • @Brittney

      Another request that has become more popular lately. Its definitely something we are looking into.

  4. Bpm sync between tracks to make perfect mixes and the posibility to record them

  5. I like the app so far, but there are a few changes I’d like to see before I would consider using it in a live setting.

    More output options. For example:
    I would like to set the left channel to play deck A and the right channel to play deck B (you can hack this together in split mode, but you better not touch the cross fader) so that you can hook each side up to a mixer.
    It would also be nice to have the main output be one channel (left or right) and use the other side for headphone monitoring where you can hear both songs in your headphones. The ability to control the level of each song being monitored would help.

    The ability to zoom in and out of the waveforms would be helpful.

    The high and low EQ sliders seems to control too large of a frequency range making it very hard to hear any part of a song if I lower either of them while mixing 2 songs together.

    Recording would be nice as well.

    As far as I can tell, the Distort effect only makes the song louder. That should either change, or the effect should be gotten rid of.

    • @ David

      Expanding output options is definitely something we want to continue to do. Your outline example is definitely helpful. The usage will also help us determine how we may need to revise the interface to make the most of each mode.

      Waveform zooming is something we have been asked about and are definitely looking into.

      What would be a more ideal set up for the EQs? We have got varying types of feedback from people on this so your personal opinion is useful.

  6. NelsonAkasha August 6, 2010

    1. proper BPM analysis and counter

    2. BPM sync

    3. Channel split – for plugging into an external mixer each line

    4. Looping features

    5. Multiple cue points

    6. Zoom on wav analysis

    7. proper beat grids

    8. More fx

    • @ NelsonAkasha

      1. Working on improving our utilization of BPM display and calculation.

      2. BPM sync is a little trickier, but still on our list of things to look into and add if possible.

      3. A popular request via email and also this thread as you can see above. Working on this.

      4. On our list.

      5. We already have multiple cue points / hot cues. Four in total though we are working on making them even easier to use.

      6. Looking into this.

      7. Looking into this as well. Do you have an example or thoughts on how you best would like this executed?

      8. Tell us which FX ; )

  7. I’m a owner of a APC40, Lemur, LaunchPad, turntables, Serato and I am loving this App!

    I’m DJing a small art show with it tonight just for fun.

    I would love to see dedicated HOT CUE buttons. I would also like to have a normal “Nudge” function. Something similar to Serato. The current “nudge” is a little touchy.

    I would like to touch at the top of the fader and it pop to my finger. I would like to touch at the bottom of the fader and it pop back down rather than sliding. This would be similar to a lemur functionality.

    • @ Gabriel

      Thanks for the comments. We are happy to hear it is getting good use amongst all those good devices.

      We are working on revising the hot cues so they are better set up. Hopefully they will be better suited to you within one of our next updates.

      We are working on this functionality as well for jumping to points on the sliders and faders more quickly.

  8. 1: Definitely iTunes library sharing would be a bonus

    2: Show/hide of various elements, I tend not to use the effects too much, so would prefer to have larger space available for the waveforms, faders etc

    3: Does anyone else seem to have issues with a slight delay when pressing play to when the track actually starts….it’s milliseconds, but makes all the difference when you’re trying to mix!

    4: Scratchable waveforms…that would be cool

    5: On the crossfader, rather than having to touch the fader and drag across, could there be a setting where you tap a finger somewhere along the line and the fader jumps immediately out to that point….then tapping the side of the fader area would return the crossfader back to the side….sort of giving you a “peekaboo” style ( term coined by grandmaster flash I think with his flash former mixer back in the 80s).

    I’m sure I’ll think of some more!

    • @ DJ Hombre

      1. Fingers crossed!

      2. Maybe as we add additional output mode types the layout will change to better suit you. Something fully customizable may be much further off though it has been discussed.

      3. Sometimes the delay will be dependent not on how quickly you tap, but release / lift your finger from tapping. Though in any case we are always working to optimize the speed and response time of the app.

      4. As stated above this is something we have experimented with and need to continue to. Its just not at a satisfactory point yet.

      5. Yes, working on this.

      • Hey, thanks for the responses to all the requests! Your hint on my point 3 is entirely correct…I can now press the play button and on release the track starts….which means my mixing is finally more accurate!

        Me & my sausage fingers eh?!

        Thanks again, keep up the good work.

  9. Give me a code for a betatester copy and i’d be happy to give you a full rundown of necessary features. :)

  10. The only thing i would like to see in Sonorasaurus ist the ability to organize my songs in different folders which i can create and label myself. The rest is ok as it is on my iPod touch.

    • @ dcp

      We hope to soon bring the playlist functionality to the iPod / iPhone versions.

  11. Great App guys, works really well and loads of potential for becoming even better.

    A small bug I’ve run into when adding tracks to a playlist from search results. The wrong tracks are added.

    The swipe input bar needs to be able to stop the track totally until you let go (is this possible?). A personal taste thing maybe so probably better as a turn on/off option.

    As NelsonAkasha mentioned, fully implemented beat grids would be good.

    From a programming point of view the batch waveform processing can get sticky. Tried it on just over 200 tracks and it took 4 separate attempts before they were all done.

    More effects is a definite and hiding features would be handy too.

    All of the above is regards to the ipad version. Hope it helps and looking forward to the next release! Good luck guys!

    • @ Isaac

      We are definitely working on sorting out this bug. So you should see a fix soon.

      As far your input suggestion I guess this is more of a brake functionality. We have gotten many requests for this and are seeing if we can work it in.

  12. Are you guys keeping an eye on what the competition are doing in terms of developments? Cue.Play.Dj v1.5 looks interesting, although I still prefer the interface style of Sonorasaurus Rex…looks like they’re trying to replicate Serato/Traktor within the iPad – you probably don’t need all the functionality, but some of what they’ve done (or better) would be nice to see in Sonorasaurus Rex too. I think for me, playing out with the iPad, the interface really must be simple as you’re likely to be in a booth with not much light etc etc…
    1. you need big punchy buttons to cue/fade/eq etc
    2. you need the waveforms to be clear and well defined – your fairly recent change to allow the user to display the waveforms close to each other is much appreciated…but would be better if they were much bigger.
    3. double tapping to show/hide screen elements may help with some of the above.

    …OK, so I’m thinking about playing out with the app…for home djs this probably isn’t as crucial.

    • Actually I tend to forget to look. Its interesting to see what the competition is up to, but at the end of the day they either are or are not going to have something. And we can only worry about what we want to do and what people have been asking us for.

      Your comments about use in a live setting are very helpful to us, so we appreciate you giving them. We want this to work well for all our users wether for home or not. And thats going to be a continuing evolution.

  13. Teningalovwisat August 9, 2010

    1. Equalizer is a mess. It does things i cannot explain, for example you take the mids out, there is an effect on Bass and hi, too.

    2. Where is the headphone- function?

    3. The effects are not syncronized

    4. The green pulsing spots on the waveforms are irritating me

    5. I really know beatmatching with turntables, Cd-players and mp3-controllers, but i didnt get a single beatmatched part out of SR…

    Please update soon so we can use this app…



    • @ Teningalovwisat

      1. Yes we have gotten plenty of comments across the board about this. Some prefer one thing and others another in terms of refinement. But now we have a much better idea of what to do in an upcoming update.

      2. Headphones will not show unless split mode is turned on.

      3. We have some refinement to do in terms of FX.

      4. For the pulse I imagine you would like the option to turn this off. What anyone else find this to be a useful settings option?

      5. I have the same experience with other devices and have no trouble beatmatching in Sonorasaurus, but I understand that some of these fix and revisions may make it a better experience for you. We will continue to work at the ease of usability.

  14. Getting to the cue points seems tricky. zooming to waveform in ipod would be good. also using the nudge bar to search for the cue point would be good. like you would on a cdj.

  15. DJ snowskate August 9, 2010

    The output on track B sounds distorted/stuttered when in headphone split mode, please have this fixed, it is curtail for playing events

    Also it would be nice to have an option for pitch adjustments on the tempo changer

    Amazing program otherwise!

    • @ DJ Snowskate

      This is a glitch we are working on for the next update.

      • Perfect,
        Also a quick loop (4/8/16/32 beat) loop would erase the need of virtual dj, for me at least.

        Also, is the release strictly set for the release of 4.0 on the iPad or are there possibilities that it will arrive before? Est. Time?

        Great job with the program!

        • At the moment we are planning out a series of updates, not just one. We want to release something very soon that takes care of the bugs and introduces a few near features and revisions.

          And of course around the release of 4.0 on the iPad we will also release another update that has even more of the features and requests while taking advantage of some of the things os4 will bring.

          At this point its just a matter of deciding how many updates we do leading up to iPad iOS4, but the minimum number planned is two.

  16. Biggest complaint is that in headphone monitoring mode the right side audio is significantly softer and sounds tinny. This makes the app unuseable live. Please fix this so i do not have to use touch dj

    • @ Johnny

      Hopefully with the glitch addressed it will make it much easier and more attractive for you to use in a live setting.

  17. Love the App. Used it in a live scenario on Sat. People were in awe at me djing from the iPad. But…

    Blinking green bubble, Spilt/cue mode, EQ’s and Effects are all unusable.

    Auto sync like Traktor would be nice. Dedicated hot cues with a visual reference of where the cue points are is a must.

    The loop roll would be a plus if you get the effects tightened up.

    Again… Love the app!

    • @ Gabriel

      Glad to hear it went over well!

      Hopefully expanding our options / settings and implementing bug fixes will rectify most of your issues.


  18. Andrew Robinson August 10, 2010

    Using split mode And the y adapter I hear both tracks 2’nd is faint but still there.

  19. Matthew Thorpe August 17, 2010

    Load a full playlist and automix button would be great for at home listening with out mixing yourself…

  20. Please look at touch dj there is some things it has that need to be added.

    Auto bpm, the tap is not the best for bpm.
    Better sound wave scrolling.
    How come the 30 pin can’t be used as the master out and the headphone Jack can be used as the monitor.

    Otherwise awesome app love the look.

    • @ Djflo

      We have definitely discussed revising the BPM, but its too early even still to say much on how it will change. How would you like the wave scrolling to improve? Most have asked for stretching. Is this what you mean? If not definitely let us know what you have in mind.

      The 30 pin as a master and headphone jack as a monitor can not be done currently because we are unable to divert the audio internally. So far this has been locked for the way we would like to use it. This is also pretty much the same reason we can not use bluetooth as a secondary out as well. Right now all the audio needs to go out of one output.

  21. From the mixr blog

    We’re making progress and currently under major development. We were recently contacted by the mothership. They are interesting in seeing a beta and know the release of iOS4 for iPad is required for core features like iTunes library access

    So looks like ios4 will allow it I hope we get it here too.

    • @ Mrserious

      We are definitely hoping for the same. The implementation has been a bit confusing on the iPhone under os4, but now with Apple taking a more direct interest in DJ apps maybe we will be allowed to do exactly what we need to. It is certainly something Apple would benefit from.

      Think about it: With multitasking someone can be running Sonorasaurus Rex and if they need to fill a request they can jump over to iTunes, while Sonorasaurus is playing in the background, grab the song (purchase from Apple) and return to the app and then cue up that person’s request.

  22. My number one request is fixing the split mode bug. Congrats on fixing that. I would say that it’s worth pushing out a small update with just that fix, without it I can’t use the program professionally.

    Number 2 is to work on importing the ID3 tags properly from all supported filetypes. Some work perfecly, and some just use the filename for the title and have a blank artist and bpm.

    Number three is to have some sort of text file to define the playlists. It doesn’t need to be user friendly, just a way for me to transfer a file to sonosaurus to define my playlist. It’s too cumbersome to use drag-and-drop to set large lists. Bonus points if you can use the itunes library .xml file. That way it would be easy to match my itunes sorting to my sonososaurus sorting. Even without apple allowing api access. This would also allow me to save my playlists, which would be a nice feature.
    I guess if apple does open up the api in iOS 4, this point will be moot.

    Great work so far guys. This is overall an excellent app.

  23. – to be able to use this as a single deck would be fantastic! (so i could use it as an extra deck)

    – some more accuracy on the pitch control, also key adjust would be great. maybe even a switch between 8% 10% 25% speed range.

    – autoloop of 1-2-4-8-16-32 beats

    – when the itunes library is implemented, we do need a search, or even better, cover flow-style ‘flikking-trough’ the music collection.

    – fx: low-mid-hi pas filter+ resonance.

    good luck, and thanks for the app so far. (with some improvement it could actually replace some hardware!) keep it up!

  24. Andrew Robinson September 5, 2010

    Loving the app so far. I’ve always wanted to spin house records but never ponied up for the equipment. After using this for a few weeks I’m actually putting together 6 to 7 songs in row that flow nicely..

    Still having troubler with split mode. Is there an update so It sounds better? Very distorted in the headphones.

    Keep up the good work

  25. …just thought of another (while I’m trawling through my audio files sticking correct BPMs in)…how about in the track load page, displaying the key of the track? I’m just getting into producing harmonic mixing as well as beat-matched, so the display of the key property (ID3 TKEY tag or something like that?) would be really useful too…no need to sort on this, just to display it would be brilliant.

  26. i always say to all developers that simply buy cheap cdj100 and play music one hour with that old piece of hardware before develope somethin. i’m prof. dj for almost 20 years. i must be honest and write that i have pirated copy of your software and i’m glad for that. because i want simply working solution, and your app is still good try for 14 $. first of all why are denon and pioneer best player, because they have perfect
    pitch and play/cue buttons. most imortant thing is song start. on hardware, time is 0.1 sec and on your software when you hit play button
    song sometimes start sometime you feel latency and late response. what that mean, that mean that i can not use your app live in club or radio, because i never know live in the mix when will song star. THAT’S MAIN THING – START WITHOUT LAG! i don’t need effect, because 2 are ok, but they all have lag, then they are not sync with bpm ??? so ok i don’t need them for serious bussines. if they can work without lag, remove them if you want pro dj app.
    pitch is ok, master tempo would be nice in future version and pitch bending control must be lot better. all other things are ok. i don’t give a … about itunes libary. i have ipad with jb and direct path to your app thru iphone explorer. maybe you can do special win app or mac to do things with waveform files on pc and not on ipad, bacause if you import 100mp3 procces take long on ipad, and on pc this is faster. that’s it. at the and i would pay 50 dollars for app with ONE discent dj player (i don’t need mixer,effect etc) for ipad but for now all dj apps for ipad are not pro. i hope your app will be !

    • Unfortunately we only take into account the opinions of our real users. If less people pirated our software then we would have better resources to make the perfect app a lot faster.

  27. Hi!!

    I just bought Sonorasaurus Rex, had been playing with it for three hours now. I mainly bought this for a short gig coming up this Saturday night. I’d definitely provide more feedback after the first real-life test.

    Things I love so far:

    1. BPM Set/Tapping. While I can do this on several apps on the PC, I don’t know many on the iPad and this feature is great.

    2. Having the EQs and the Gain (but see below).

    3. The waves!!! Nice! You even put in the option to invert. I’m loving the “outward” display.

    Things I find… eh?

    1. The only effects I foresee I’d be using is Reverb.. Even this is not that cool.

    2. EQ. The High Mid and Low EQ is not very good. The High is significantly better than the Low.

    3. Is there something wrong with the Gain? I find that the higher frequencies are amplified more.

    4. I think there is a bug where by the BPM updates in the User Tracks, but does not update in the Playlists.

    5. I find that a few times, after I Edit to rearrange order of my playlist, tap Done > Close.. it’ll revert back to it’s previous order. (But I cannot reproduce this “bug”)

    6. Is it intentional that when you slide along the Seeker bar, the time on the left hand side does not change (in Pause mode)?


    1. Sort Playlist by BPM. (Playlists do not have Sort!)

    2. Option to Duplicate Playlist.

    3. Library. I know this has been addressed many times. Until integration, maybe you can import songs and *playlists* automatically.

    4. Is it possible to have an indication marking which are the songs I’d played during this “session” so that I won’t accidentally play the same song twice during the night (or worse, 3 times).

    5. After a song finishes, it is automatically removed from the Deck, showing “TAP TO LOAD DECK X”. This is great. Can you also have the option to automatically reset the EQ and the Gain to default values at the same time?

    Note: I’m not even trying the Split Mode… :( Will try it after your latest 2.1 is available :)

    Please don’t read this as a complain. I’ve loving the app so far! Keep up the good work on this great app! :)

    • @ Cedric

      Thanks for your post. We are definitely not taking as a complaint. These are well laid out thoughts and suggestions. Hopefully we can bring in a lot of the things you have suggested in the next few updates. Some live use feedback would also be cool as well as your thoughts on Split Mode once 2.1 is released (Still being reviewed by Apple currently). We will also see if we can reproduce some of the bugs you encountered ourselves and if so sort them out.

      We are curious also about one of your suggestions specifically. Can you elaborate more on the ‘automatic’ song and playlist import?

      • wow, appreciate that you revert so quickly :)

        Re: automatic song and playlist import…

        There is this app call the Amp Music Player on the iPhone.. the moment I install and launch it, it “syncs” with my Library of songs and playlists. I’m suspecting that it simply copies all the songs from the Library, as well as all the Playlists. They have a refresh library button in the option, so it’s a manual refresh I guess. You can check it out.

        • Okay I know what you mean now. Thats actually an iOS 4 feature. It wont come to the iPad til November, but we will have an update to coincide with it’s release that focus more on the library and importing aspects of Sonorasaurus Rex.

  28. Hey guys, just got the update for the iPad version and it crashes before opening! Let me know if this is a memory issue. Also, could it be because I already have music loaded in? Would I have to delete all the songs off the iPad an upload again?

    Let me know if this is unusual, I’ll post again if I can get it to work,
    Looking forward to using the new update!

    • I have the Same problem, The new update crashes while starting.. i guess i have to wait till THE NeXT update i. Must say it All looks very promising

  29. Got it to work, had to remove the app from my iPad and reinstall it. Lost my cues but it’s okay, very happy that the split mode works, great job with it!

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