May 5

Sonorasaurus Rex 1.2 Preview

Posted By Russell
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Above is a quick preview of mixing with Sonorasaurus Rex 1.2 for the iPad. We expect to release the update by mid May. And these are the features we can confirm so far:

• New split view library interface
• The ability to create playlists
• Artist, Song and BPM sorting options
• Batch waveform generation
• Waveform scrubbing

Nov 24

1.0 & Beyond: Cue Points

Posted By Russell


When we started developing Sonorasaurus we had a clear vision of what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go.

Outside of offering a fully functioning deejay application we had specific ideas for handling the audio output and how music was accessed and managed. We discussed our ideas with Apple early on and learned that there were quite a few restrictions in place. Some of them Apple planned to eventually lift given an increased demand for the functionality. Other restrictions were vague and uncertain.

At that point we had to make a decision. Either put our project and ideas on hold until all the restrictions were lifted (if ever) or revise Sonorasaurus and continue to shape it in the right direction with updates.

At the very least 1.0 could offer people of all skill types a practice and backup solution in addition to a means for casual and non genre deejays to play their sets and record mixes.

So now that we are out in the world and Apple has yet to lift their restrictions we are revising our focus again. Our ideas for additional features and functionality will have to remain on hold but we are still going to find ways to satisfy our users and give them the extended functionality they deserve.


One of the features that will make it into the first update is Cueing.


CUE and SET buttons to facilitate this. Tapping the CUE button will allow the user to jump to the beginning of the track or any new point they set. Holding down the CUE button will play the song from the cue point until the button is release. The SET button will be used to lock in new cue points or reset the cue to the beginning of the song.

We have also been asked a lot of specific questions about certain features and lack of features. Read on to view our answers to some of these questions.

Sep 23

Limited Open Beta

Posted By Russell

We are conducting a limited open beta test for Sonorasaurus. You can find information on how to become a beta tester by checking out some of our favorite forums here and here. And of course, this is for a limited time only and there are only a few open spots.

Update: All positions for beta testing have been filled. Thanks for your interest and positive responses!

Sep 17

Successful Test Run?

Posted By Russell

We are starting to try out Sonorasaurus in public at clubs and events. This way we can see how good the output volume is and check performance consistency over long periods of time. One would think that a happy, moving dance floor is a successful result?  ;¬)

Test Run