Apr 8

Shade Dogs is out now!

Posted By Jakob
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Shade Dogs is now available in the App Store! The game is universal and works with all iOS devices. Check out the trailer and grab the game today!


Dec 21

Desi Leaves Town for iPad

Posted By Russell
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Desi Leaves Town for iPad has just been approved! You can find now it in the App Store.

Dec 20

Desi Leaves Town Official Trailer & Mini Site Launch

Posted By Russell
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We are pleased to announce the completion of Desi Leaves Town! We wrapped up our cartoon game hybrid last week. Soon the iPad version will be released with iPhone, iPod, Mac and PC versions to follow.

Check out the official trailer below and visit the Desi Leaves Town mini site.

We will follow up soon with more details on the release dates.

Nov 3

Coming Together

Posted By Russell
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Its been pretty quiet on the Pajamahouse blog, but things have been staying very busy behind the scenes. Things are coming together pretty well for Desi Leaves Town. We will have another update and announcement towards the end of the month!

Mar 28

A Great Time

Posted By Russell
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As a gamer its a great time to be alive. Today I felt a great appreciation for everything happening in the medium. There are a lot of cool things going on.

Today I finished a puzzle design for our upcoming game, Desi Leaves Town. Here is a shot of it running below:

I also found out about a whole new batch of Amanita Design games and got to try out the Nintendo 3DS. I thought it was going to be a total gimmick until I got it in my hands. But its not. Its really an amazing and fun little device. This is coming from someone who can’t stand ‘3D’ movies.

I am also really enjoying the fighting game revival. Today I pre-ordered the new Mortal Kombat. It makes me feel nostalgic for the days when I would skateboard up to the pizza parlor to play Mortal Kombat or challeng my friends at Street Fighter II at the 7-11. I was actually so overcome by nostalgia that I went off on an hour long tangent making fan art. It was just too perfect to pass up.

Check it out after the break!