Mar 28

A Great Time

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As a gamer its a great time to be alive. Today I felt a great appreciation for everything happening in the medium. There are a lot of cool things going on.

Today I finished a puzzle design for our upcoming game, Desi Leaves Town. Here is a shot of it running below:

I also found out about a whole new batch of Amanita Design games and got to try out the Nintendo 3DS. I thought it was going to be a total gimmick until I got it in my hands. But its not. Its really an amazing and fun little device. This is coming from someone who can’t stand ‘3D’ movies.

I am also really enjoying the fighting game revival. Today I pre-ordered the new Mortal Kombat. It makes me feel nostalgic for the days when I would skateboard up to the pizza parlor to play Mortal Kombat or challeng my friends at Street Fighter II at the 7-11. I was actually so overcome by nostalgia that I went off on an hour long tangent making fan art. It was just too perfect to pass up.

Check it out after the break!

Mar 20

Checking Things Off

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Currently working through the background art and sprites for Desi Leaves Town. Every little red check is a tiny dose of happiness and accomplishment.

Feb 8

Riley’s Recording Day

Posted By DJ Clever
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If you’ve been checking in on us recently, you’ve no doubt seen our updates regarding our latest project – Desi Leaves Town. We’ve posted a teaser video, a few pages from the storyboard and most recently, the stages of producing a background.

The project really started to come to life in a real way yesterday. A few of us loaded into a borrowed car and hit the road headed for rural New Jersey. Our destination – the home of Riley Martin. Riley’s voice is not only distinct but also absolutely perfect for our cynical lead frog. The day quickly became one to remember- from the start when Russell mistook the crappy bagel shop for the delicious muffin shop, right up until re-parking the car back into a massive snowbank in Brooklyn.

The real magic, however, occurred in Washington, NJ. There we turned a rustic motel room into a temporary recording studio. Riley immediately took to the bed in true Desi fashion to complete his voice work. In what can perhaps be called method voice-acting, he had managed to immerse himself in the character – and we’re sure Desi wouldn’t have had it any other way. The Miller Lights intermixed with Basics cigarettes added both the smooth and rough to his voice, generating an intoxicating blend known only as “Riley Martin”. Everyone did their best play nice, and the session produced “really good” results. The man himself professed that Nicholas would either win an Oscar or end up a member of Taliban.

It can definitely be said that everyone left the experience slightly more enlightened. Now we just need to get to work on editing the various chapters and takes from what Riley described as “the hardest fucking script” he’s ever worked with.

Jan 28

Making a Background

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Here is the process for creating a background in our game Desi Leaves Town. We have a Devlog over at the TIGSource Forums if anyone is interested in tracking the development in more detail.

Jan 24


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