Oct 29

A Quick Update

Posted By Russell
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First off we want to say thanks to Matt over at tuaw.com for the Sonorasaurus preview post. TUAW is our main site for reading mac news so being featured on the site was awesome to say the least.

We also thought we would take the time to give an update on the Sonorasaurus DJ app. It is still being reviewed by Apple (in it’s 7th week now). We would love to announce a release date, but as some of you may know that is not something developers can pin point.

Until then we will keep everyone updated on the progress or any feedback we receive and give the occasional music suggestion.

  1. I’ve been waiting for something like this since the iphone was announced.

    I’ve DJed on everything: started with a laptop + super cheap controller, made my way to wax, then CD, the back to laptop with Traktor. . .

    I love it, and have been spinning out for years, but i’ve recently gone into semi-retirement (read: only gig once every couple of months) since moving to NYC to persue film.

    As a ‘casual’ dj, there a couple of features I would LOVE to see in your app, and if they were implented, I would a) replace my live setup with your product, and b) GLADLY pay $50-100+ for it.

    Cueing in headphones is nice, but routing the mains through the dock connector/Composite cable would be EPIC. Having Cue/Preview is a dealmaker/breaker for me. I NEED it.

    Also, being able to mix tunes from the itunes library, with support for playlists, would be clutch, as well.

    Another neat feature would be a Talkover w/ the iphone mic. . . Mixing with Ipod headphones isn’t ideal, but being able to MC a little over the tunes would totally make it worth it.

    I can totally see myself carrying my iphone to future gigs. Syncing my iphone to my latest crates, I could hop on the train, and using ‘On The Go’ playlists, put together a rough setlist by the time I reach the club. When my slot comes up, I could pop my phone into Airplane Mode, jack into the mains, and rock out. It’s light, super portable, and setup is 30secs max.

    That’s exciting enough for me to come out of retirement.

    I can’t wait to pick it up, and start playing with it.

    -Mike M. aka “The Liar”

  2. Mike,

    Your suggestions are pretty good, and quite a few of them we have been prioritized for an update after the app is released.

    Also some of the items you suggest we are unable to implement due to restrictions set in place by Apple.

    For example accessing the ipod / itunes library.

    Sure you can play a song in the background in a number of apps, but to dynamically control songs is still something developers are not able to do – at least at the level our app requires.

    I think the one thing we probably will not do is the talk over. Although it is a cool concept, I could see issues arising with feedback for starters.

  3. Always love seeing new, innovative software like this! Whilst there have been quite a few launched on the app store (most laughable), non of them I have considered to be ‘proper’ DJ apps as most haven’t even the features to be able to perform basic skills like Beatmatching.

    Just a couple of suggestions if I may. The first would be some kind of even rough BPM readout. Also, the ability to see the music files waveform and be able to hotcue the track. I mean, it can be done without these but they are all things we’ve become used to in current DJ mediums.

    Looks like a great product though, all the best with it and no doubt I’ll be trying it out at gigs!

  4. Thanks for the response,

    That sucks that the iphone is locked down like that, and good call about the feedback. . . I hadn’t thought about it until you guys mentioned it.

    Was messing around w/ Traktor the other day, and all I could think about was how awesome this is gonna be when it comes out. . .

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