Nov 13

A Petition for DJ Apps

Posted By Russell
Filed in: iPhone, iPod, Sonorasaurus

Today we noticed that someone had started a petition to allow DJ apps on the iPhone. Our app, Sonorasaurus is mentioned in their message along with another great looking dj app that appears to be in the same boat as us.

We have been waiting about 3 months now with no word on if we are approved and when we can release. It is nice to see other people taking issue with Apple’s system and their interest in getting DJ apps on the platform.

So to whomever thought to include us in their petition: Thank you. To everyone else, please sign this petition and show your support for our project and amidio’s as well as good iphone DJ solutions in general.

  1. I want a DJ mixer on my iphone!!!

  2. i want this app. we are in 2010 in a few days. not 1984.

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