Nov 18

A Little Dubstep Mix With Rex

Posted By Russell
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We just came across this youtube video of someone using Sonorasaurus Rex to mix a few dubstep tunes. Check it out.

  1. Not my cup of tea in terms of music, but a good demonstration of using the app…I’m guessing this was all done without using the cue facilities given the way the tracks were mixed…It would be interesting to know how other people are using this app…are they using it as demoed here, ie fairly rough and ready mixing without audio cue at all, or are they using one of the cue options, split audio etc? Also, has anyone played out at a venue with the app….any success or hints?

    Looking forward to iOS4.2 dropping, so we can tap into iTunes finally!

    • I’ve seen it used out a few times. In fact the last place it was at I found out it was being used the entire time I was there as I was on my way out. Was totally oblivious until then. It was a pleasant surprise.

  2. Hey Hombre, no audio cues in the mix. I just winged it using song knowledge and the waveform. The app is great. I’ve only had it for a few days but im seeing alot of potential here. Nice to work out sets on the fly.

    Thanks for posting my vid Russ. Keep up the great work! – cheers

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