Dec 5

1.1 Is Now Available!

Posted By Russell
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Just a quick note: Sonorasaurus 1.1 has been approved and is in the App Store. Upgrade your copies or grab it if you have not already!

We will post some additional information soon, with a nice spotlight on what options you have for cables and adaptors when using Split Mode.

We look forward to hearing what you think of 1.1!

  1. First up, love the app. Better than the competition IMO by a large margin because of effects, and use-ability. Light on the graphics, functional GUI and it sounds good loud.

    I installed the upgrade to 1.1 and noticed that my carefully ordered list of imported tracks (BPM, Key, Title) was completely jumbled after the install of 1.1. Had to delete and am now in the process of re-uploading 80 tracks, which because of the upload ftp can only be done 1 at a time. Is there a workaround / way to upload more than 1 at at a time?

    Otherwise excellent. Any advance on a beat matching assist (flashing on hard peaks only) would be a great addition, allowing visual mixing in a pinch.


  2. Follow up to my previous post. Having reloaded all my tracks, imagine my surprise at finding that in spite of the fact that they load alphabetically (BPM, KEY, TITLE) on the ftp loader, when you go through your list in the app “uploads” section, they are no longer in order.

    That is major frustration. Can someone from support let me know:

    1) Is it something stupid I’m doing,
    2) How it can be fixed?


  3. Hey Dave,

    Sorry about the delay. We have been busy over here figuring out the next steps.

    Unfortunately most of your issues seem to be related to the library and uploading. We kept that aspect basic because we sort of thought that Apple would have lifted their iTunes access restrictions by now leaving an expanded in-app file management system a bit unnecessary. Now that it is clear the restriction will remain in place we are working to expand this aspect of Sonorasaurus and fix a lot of the issues you mentioned.

    So no we do not believe it is anything you are doing. Right now the app is set to sort by ARTIST in the tags. There is no way to change this sorting method until we implement our expanded library in an upcoming update.

    We do hope though that once that is available all of your issues will be taken care of. Thanks for bringing them to our attention too, it definitely helps us determine how to mold and shape the future of this app.

  4. Can you explain how the feature of earplugs works? You say, that it is possible to listen to a song on the earplugs while an other song is playing. Can you show a picture how this works? Where get they pluged in. I am confused about how this should work.


  5. Happy 2010 Sonrasauri,

    This is a follow up to my comments above on the library. I deleted the files from the FTP loader and then deleted the App. Having reinstalled the App I reloaded the tracks to the FTP (from the same folder on my mac, same tracks, same order (BPM, Key, Title). This time the loaded library was out of order (expected as explained by Senior Sonorasauri in post above) however, the reloaded tracks are now missing track info in the Title of the track, I have checked the track tags and titles for the tracks missing the information, and they are as they used to be. I can’t explain this one, seems that the sonorasaurus is munching my titles… Any idea’s how this can be happening and also when is an update likely??


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