Nov 26

1.0 & Beyond: Splits & Turkeys

Posted By Russell
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We are happy to announce that in addition to cue points update 1.1 will also include headphone monitoring and split audio with a Y adaptor. We have spent additional time making sure that these features will work well on all the devices and in different configurations. It was important to us that headphone monitoring work for users with mixers (channel inputs / RCA) and also without (house parties / line in).

We plan to submit 1.1 to Apple this weekend.

And in honor of Thanksgiving we are giving away 3 additional promo codes for Sonorasaurus. Enjoy and have a good holiday!

KXX6FYX9M9WW (claimed)
6W3TXFE9HP69 (claimed)
ERLWWNKKE9NX (claimed)

P.S. Please comment and let us know which ones you claimed.

  1. I grabbed the second code. (6W3TXFE9HP69)

  2. Clamed KXX6FYX9M9WW – Thank you!

  3. James Bergstrom November 26, 2009

    I took the last code. I’m looking forward to a lot of fun mixing on my iPod.

  4. Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoy them!

  5. How is this product different to touchdj? I’ve used apps that are similar to this but really struggled to be able to mix with them. So, I guess my second question is, how is this app different to those other ones…?

  6. Doc,

    While Sonorasaurus is meant to be an innovative way to use your iPhone and offer a highly portable and compact deejay option, I suppose one could also say it is very traditional in terms of how you mix.

    We tried to offer up controls and inputs that would relate to set ups that people are used to, but in a new way. With Sonorasaurus, especially in 1.1, you mix by ear. Old school deejays are the most used to this method, while newer deejays are used to visual feedback from software and equipment.

    As Sonorasaurus evolves with each update we will continue to facilitate both types of deejays more and more.

  7. Ah, bummer! Didn’t know you guys had a giveaway for Sonorasauras – I had been watching this one along with Touch DJ for months.. I already have Touch DJ, which I got a couple weeks ago, so I’ll definitely keep Sonorasauras on my watch list (I would have done the same with Touch DJ if Sonorasauras had come out first). Anyways, it looks amazing!


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