Apr 8

Shade Dogs is out now!

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Shade Dogs is now available in the App Store! The game is universal and works with all iOS devices. Check out the trailer and grab the game today!


Mar 20

Shade Dogs is wrapped

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Development on Shade Dogs is officially wrapped. We will be releasing the colorful canine puzzler in early April. We are very excited for everyone to try it out!

Here is a sneak peek at the game’s cast:


Feb 15

Beach Days

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It may be winter here in NYC, but our work is keeping our thoughts warm. Here is another peek at our upcoming game collaboration with Ben Porter.


Jan 12

What is Shade Dogs?

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So what exactly is Shade Dogs? What is the game all about?

Shade Dogs is a game about protecting a pack of cool dogs from the hot summer sun. Each level is a mini adventure game-esque puzzle that you solve in order to cast a refreshing shadow on a lazy dog.

Everything is presented in a purely visual style so it can be enjoyed without any language or age barriers.

Below is a level we are working on that takes place in a futuristic robot city. The solution involves jolts of electricity, grumpy robots and stuck elevators.


Jun 17

Our next game has gone to the dogs

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Its been over half a year since we released Desi Leaves Town.

What have we been doing since then? Coming up with more global game take over plots of course!

A few months ago we began collaborating across the globe with Australian super programmer Ben Porter on a game about dogs and being cool.

Below is a test menu for the game, called Shade Dogs, running on the iPad.


We still have a ways to go for development, but we are looking forward to sharing more as things come together.

Even in these early stages we are very exciting about the game!